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<3 ~*~some words~*~

When I feel sunshine on my skin
It can't take away the cold
When the wind blows strongly
My pain doesn't fly away
Leaves are falling down
Like hope leaves me
Winter is coming
Like desperation comes to me

One look in your eyes makes me believe
I should go and never come back
Listening to your words makes me think
There could be hope for some time
But listening to my heart I know
Now it is only one way I can go

Time to leave you
You sure will make it
Time to forget you
Don't wanna do that
No time to look back
No time to cry a tear

Walking on a small path
It will take me to nowhere
No sounds around me
But in my head there's noise
The birds are laughin at me
Because they see the misery

18.10.07 16:24

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